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EOEE Community - Ways to Serve - Update Your Info

   In a large Emmaus community like East Ohio Emmanuel Emmaus, there are always loving servants of the Lord who are never called on to help because the Board and Lay Leaders just don’t know everyone.

   Please help us get to know you better! If you would consider serving our Lord through any of the many ways listed below, please mark this form accordingly. If there is another area of service on your heart, that isn’t listed here, let us know in the area below. Remember, that other than “Spiritual Director” and, to a much lesser extent, “Music Person” the requirements for service are the First and Second Commandments. God can use each of us for His work. Praise Him!

   There is a “Men’s” and a “Women’s” section on the form to help us keep the data together for husbands and wives. DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED to get a husband or wife, if without; just fill out your section and Click on the "Subscribe" button. :)

   Thanks for your help, and……. DeColores!


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